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me hanging in the net :-) What to write about me here? The visitors are very different, some knowing me already. Others do not, getting directed here via search engines. People reading this should get an impression who I am — on the other side I don't want to give the wrong persons or organizations too much information about me. The previous sentence stands here for many years, but with the NSA & Co. surveillance scandals it is more prevailing than ever.

I studied computer science and economics at the University of Karlsruhe and the University of Arizona. Right now I work in the software business. Before I was working as n Investment Banker. But I was one of the good ones ;-). I worked at a company financing young start-up companies with equity. This is financial services how it's meant to be — enabling young companies to develop innovative products and services.

While I am born too early to be a digital native and know how the world was before the Internet and mobile phones, I cultivate a digital lifestyle. I prefer information (from documents to photos) in digital (electronic) form accessible with a few fingertips. I am an Internet participant since 1989 and created my first home page in 1993 :-).

I am very interested what happens around the world in politics, economics and culture. I was active in student politics on a university, state and national level and later as the president of an association supporting political activities by students and exchange of ideas.

During that time I created several presentations and essays, some of which you find below. As you can guess from the titles, they are in German:

While on one side I have the digital lifestyle, on the other I am an outdoor person. I run — sometimes a liiiiittle bit longer, in other words, I run marathon.

I cycle, for transportation in the city, but I also do bike tours. The longest was 180 km on a day, but without a marathon after that :-D. In the winter I love skiing. I am more the mountain than the sea type (I grew up in Bavaria :-)) and I also love hiking in areas with nice views, which you often have in the mountains. My record in mountaineering is the Pico de Orizaba in Mexico with 5700 m :-).

Photography is a major hobby. You find my albums at flickr. You do not need an account there to view the photos.

Enough — that's probably more than the general public should know. While the social networks have many flaws and their privacy policy is awful, it is a comfortable way to publish information, but restrict it to certain groups of people (except the spooks). So you find more about my activities and estimations in my facebook profile. Finding me there and adding me as a "friend" is left as an exercise to the reader ;-).


picture of a mailbox To contact me, send an e-mail to web (at) schenzel.de or contact me via the mentioned social networks.

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